Saturday, January 4, 2014

I haven't posted on this blog in over a year. I thought I'd attempt to get back into blogging and I hope to post more regularly.

Here are some photos I took in July/August of 2013 on my Fisheye camera.

Me at the beach by the Malibu pier. A rare sighting.

The cutest of boys ever, my boyfriend Josh, as we waited for our Boba at That Boba Place.

Daphne's record player

Pre-photoshoot selfie.

My sister, Cassidy, as she walked back from the water.

Josh with Daphne's records

Velo, Alexis, and Daphne at Ho Sum Bistro

Josh in Lady Pri (my 2004 Toyota Prius)

This is my favorite picture. This is just Josh, in a candid moment, in his room. I don't know what happened to the film, but the distortion of the colors is beautiful. It wasn't purposeful, although it looks like it was. This picture captures his positive spirit. I really love it (and him.)

This film really captures the spirit of my Summer. I honestly wish I got these photos developed sooner. Now the weather is colder and my hair has been chopped off and a friend in one of these photos attempted suicide. I'm much more cynical and pissed of than I was. I've learned so much about life and love and hurt since then. Maybe I avoided getting these photos developed because I didn't want to be reminded of the happiness that once fueled my life. I'm happy now, I love the people I surround myself with, but something within me has changed. I stare at these photos and I desperately try to remember what I had then that I don't now.

Who knows.

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  1. While i loved the photos and i love you Scarlett, i got really upset about what you wrote. Life isn't about being happy and joyful all the time. You should be grateful about what you have and who you are because simply it could all end tomorrow. This Christmas i travelled to India (it was organised by my university-- i study architecture) and this trip really opened my eyes. I used to be really depressed and cynical and mad about everything and everyone. However after seeing what other people go through daily it made me realize i was just complainig and that stopped me from seeing all the possibilities in my life. We visited isolated villages where people had never seen tourists before, schools that don't even have desks and chairs for the majority of the students and houses that have no running water, electricity or any kind of proper living conditions. I know I'm only a freshman and i just turned 18 a few months ago, but for the First time i feel so grateful and ambitious for the future! yesterday i even volunteered to take part in the organisation of a movement against rasism in Europe. Anyways, i believe you should give youself some personal time and try to think and remain positive.
    Love from Greece,